Gimme Indie Rock Given the boot at KXCI

Monday morning July 9th, I was advised by the new General Manager of KXCI, Tony Ford, that he was making some adjustments to the programming schedule and that the spot I fill would be replaced. I asked where he was planning to move my show and was told there weren't any other open slots during the week, hence the Gimme Indie Rock show would simply cease to exist. I just celebrated the 8th anniversary this month and now it's conveniently been eradicated in one day. I found out I wasn't the only casualty to Tony's programming surgery, but that's little consolation to me. Looks like in his attempt to improve the stations Arbitron ratings, several shows were dropped and he rambled on to the effect  about "wanting to try a new concept by putting a Women's program up against Monday Night Football to see what happens" and to follow this with another reggae show (in addition to the 5 hour reggae show that already followed my hour!). He then told me he wanted to be courteous enough to make sure I had one last show and he invited me to check back with him in the future if I had any ideas. It always seemed to me that KXCI has had a barely hidden distain for underground rock n roll for years and by this new move I think it's confirmed. I've seen Gimme Indie Rock cut from 3 hours to only one (we brought the syndicated Maximum RocknRoll show before they called it quits).I'd like to thank all the listeners who tuned in, plus the independent labels who supplied the show with great music and the various people who've co-hosted the show with me over the years, especially Jim Waters and Ken Kastenhuber. Despite various political aspects at the station, it's been a fun 8 years.If you'd like to congratulate Tony Ford on his programming decisions or send him your opinions , he can be reached during business hours at (520) 623-1000 extension 11. Or you can e-mail him at  kxcigm@a...GIMME INDIE ROCK "Last Show" July 10th(outside the station I was greeted upon arrival by several people who were holding a wake for "The Ragged Edge" when I arrived, with candles and all! I was also greated at the door by my new friend Tony Ford who stayed hovering around the booth the whole hour , warning me not to get on a soapbox with threats of "technical difficulties" if I did)

For more info: check out this article from the Tucson Weekly.

the Last radio show:

PEDESTRIANS "12XU" and "Windy City" An Evening at Pearls Hurricane

CREEPS ON CANDY " Trial/Arena" Wonder of Giardia

LOCUST (2 songs off their Flight of the Locust 7" EP)

HIVES "Hate To Say I Told You So"

HIM "Rock Against Ass" (at this point Tony interrupted the show with muzak and got in my face about playing the F -word, you shoulda been there) from the Turbonegro trubute, Alpha Moherfuckers

HEROINE SHEIKS "Okkk?"  Rape on the Installment Plan

WHITE STRIPES "aluminum" White Blood Cells

WEIRD LOVE MAKERS "Getting Meaner" Back 40

EASY ACTION "What's the Deal?"

BUSINESS "You Wont Change Me"

PROPAGANDHI "Natural Disaster"

HOT WATER MUSIC "A Flight and a Crash"

DEAD MOON " The Way it Is"

PLEASURE FOREVER " You and I were Meant to Drown"

KLEENEX " Die Matrosen"

SOFT BOYS "Tonight"

WHITE STRIPES "I Think I Smell a Rat"

Thanks for listening!
the Jolly Rancher